Retail planning

Plan, Manage and Execute Financial and Merchandising Strategies

Accurate retail planning is critical to delivering the correct merchandise to the right stores. Align plans with customer demand using Jesta’s retail planning technology. Vision Planning marries the functions of merchandise and financial planning into a centralized environment with integrated workflow to efficiently generate accurate strategies at all levels of the planning hierarchy.

Optimize your inventory and meet your merchandising and financial goals across the enterprise using retail planning software that includes robust top-down, bottom-up and middle-out reconciliation methods. Create demand-based plans across all channels, with flexibility to adapt your strategies and modify your plans throughout the season. Vision Planning includes pre-season and in-season Open-to-Buy support that delivers real-time visibility to current orders and OTB availability. A single enterprise-wide view of planned versus actual performance enables you to make better buying decisions, perform quick analysis and identify problems before they occur.

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Agile Planning

Use flexible top-down, bottom-up, and channel plans to construct goals most appropriate for your organization.

Open-To-Buy Plans

Increase inventory turns! The integrated OTB planning ensures that you minimize markdowns by optimizing inventory levels, while avoiding lost sales. In addition, in-season and pre-season OTB planning keeps financial goals and budgets in sight.

Easy to Learn

Take a step-by-step approach to planning. Vision Planning’s intuitive user interface gives inexperienced planners easy-to-use tools that walk them through the planning process.


Improve profitability and margins through increased granularity of planning. Your planning team can extend department or class level to the subclass level, resulting in more accurate plans and greater profits.

What-if Analysis

Forecast based on sales trends of the current and previous year. Compare your current projections with previous plans and validate “what-if” scenarios to evaluate aggressive versus conservative plan objectives and assess alternate merchandising strategies.


A single, centralized environment with integrated workflow lets you efficiently generate accurate, strategic and tactical programs at all stages. Maintain a clear trail of amendments through Vision Planning’s version control functionality. Plans can be designated read/write or read-only for even further control.

Jesta I.S. clients - Cavenders

Vision Planning offers us intuitive views and a step-by-step approach to planning. It helps us achieve an optimal balance between financial performance and customer satisfaction.

Joe CavenderPresident
Optimize your inventory – on budget.