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Jesta I.S. Named Among the Top 10 Readers’ Choice of Consumer Goods Technology

Warehouse management innovative software in computer for real time monitoring

Ranked as one of the top 10 Software firms on Supply Chain Execution in 2011

New York, NY – February 11th, 2011 – The Consumer Goods Technology magazine has conducted for the 11th year in a row, “The Readers’ Choice survey”. The Consumer goods technology readers recognize solution and service providers that best empower their business.  The survey consists in 10 technology and service categories, including Supply Chain Planning, Trade Promotion Management, Demand Data Analytics, New Product Development and Introduction.

The survey was answered by executives from 122 consumer goods companies of all sizes. Participants identified the solution or service provider they currently use in each applicable category and ranked the customer experience received using their chosen provider.[1]

Jesta I.S. was acknowledged as one of the Top 10 companies in the Supply Chain Execution category. These results confirm Jesta I.S.’ mission of creating value and return on investments for its clients. Each module, including Vision Supply Chain Management of Vision Suite is designed to be deployed independently or collectively giving access to a complete internationalized solution.

“We have worked hard to develop an end-to-end solution suite that sets us apart from other software companies, and we are glad that CGT has been able to highlight that achievement,” says Leslie Belcher, President Jesta I.S. “We are most honored by the client-driven portion of the survey as we believe our customers recognize that our supply chain innovation and best practices assists them in improving their supply chain efficiency.”

About Vision Supply Chain Management

With Vision Supply Chain Management (SCM) your organization will quickly gain a strategic advantage by facilitating the sharing and coordination of information between yourself and your supply chain partners. Whether you are a traditional retailer, self-sourcing retailer or wholesaler, Vision SCM enables companies to manage the various steps of the supply chain effectively, using technology that makes your trading partners accountable and responsive. Using Vision SCM, your trading partners will quickly become a natural extension of your organization through real-time collaboration, information sharing and supply chain visibility. Vision SCM’s exception-based management rules monitor processes (production steps, shipping, sample creation, purchase order fulfillment etc) and issues alerts based on thresholds eliminating bottlenecks and increasing speed-to-market.


[1] Ackerman, Alliston; Romanow, Kara; Padilla, Alarice.”2011 Readers’ Choice ” Consumer Goods Technology. January, 2011, p. 7.


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