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Jesta I.S. Wins 2019 Rising Star and 2019 Premium Usability Awards!


by Camille Chin  |  June 9, 2019

Jesta I.S. has earned the 2019 Rising Star Award and 2019 Premium Usability Award presented by FinancesOnline, a popular B2B software and financial products review platform. The reviews on FinancesOnline are written by both experts and actual users; the site gets upwards of 2.5 million readers a month.

In addition to the two prestigious awards, Jesta has received an overall FinancesOnline “SmartScore” of 8.0. The score is based on nine components rated on a 1-to-10 scale. Some factors (Main Functionality, Collaboration Features, Customization, Integration, Ease of Use) play a bigger role than others in the final score.

According to the B2B software experts at FinancesOnline, “[Jesta’s] Vision Suite provides you with four different products designed to cover specific areas of retail and wholesale management and operations…. When your business expands, and you need more features and capabilities, you can easily integrate your current Vision Suite product with Vision Suite modules, making it easy for you to further extend the platform’s functionality without compatibility issues and fusses.”

FinancesOnline went on to praise Jesta’s other benefits: “[Vision Suite] gives you full real-time transparency on all stages of your supply chain to point of sale…. The software helps you determine demand, recognize effective omnichannel platforms, and automate your processes to fully maximize your sale potential.”

The entire team at Jesta is excited that our integrated solutions are meeting wholesale and retail needs. The Rising Star Award is confirmation that our solutions are solving problems that users face today; the Premium Usability Award proof that our interface facilitates work processes.

To check out the full FinancesOnline review or write about your own user experience, go to


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