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Luxury Menswear Retailer Goes Live on Jesta’s Warehouse Management System to Optimize Inventory Management and Omnichannel Fulfillment

Harry Rosen Goes Live on Jesta’s Warehouse Management System to Optimize Inventory Management and Omnichannel Fulfillment

Montreal, QC, Canada (March 16, 2022) – Jesta I.S. Inc., a leading developer and provider of modular cloud solutions and unified ERP for omnichannel retailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers, is excited to announce that Harry Rosen, Canada’s top luxury menswear retailer, has implemented and gone live on Jesta’s cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Following the recent transformation of its digital business with successful results, Harry Rosen embarked on a mission to streamline time-consuming manual tasks at their warehouse to accelerate omnichannel fulfillment. Jesta’s WMS will improve inventory management at Harry Rosen’s warehouse, including the inbound and outbound movement of merchandise. Jesta’s WMS will also allow Harry Rosen to eliminate paper-based tasks, enabling greater efficiency.

Founded in Toronto in 1954, Harry Rosen has become a powerhouse in Canadian retail with 17 stores across the country and a robust e-commerce offering. Jesta’s WMS is transforming their warehouse in several ways:

• Direct putaway enables warehouse staff to immediately move incoming inventory into their allocated spaces for maximum efficiency
• Optimized picking paths make the picking and packing process faster for allocation and omnichannel orders
• Mobile devices guide pickers to optimal locations and validate the pick, which accelerates all outbound movements including bulk transfers and omni fulfillment
• The system supports the management of various product package types (hanging, flat, bulk), thus optimizing the pick, pack and ship process
• Flexible ticketing and tagging capabilities speed up workflows

Stephen Jackson, EVP and CIO at Harry Rosen, said: “Harry Rosen serves many customer journeys through our website, and we recognized the need to pick, pack and ship items quicker than ever. We’ve invested heavily in logistics and fulfillment technology, and we’re looking forward to how it will support our next phase of growth, which will include same-day and international shipping.”

“Harry Rosen has relied on Jesta’s Vision Merchandising and Store solutions for many years and we’re excited to strengthen our partnership with their selection of our Warehouse Management System,” said Arvind Gupta, President at Jesta I.S. “Jesta’s WMS delivers real-time inventory visibility and robust mobile functionality, while integrating seamlessly with other systems. It optimizes inbound and outbound shipments whether single-parcel, direct-to-consumer omnichannel orders or store replenishment for better shopping experiences overall.”

About Jesta I.S.: In business for more than 50 years, Jesta I.S. is a global developer and provider of enterprise software solutions for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Customers like Cole Haan, DSW, Harry Rosen, Perry Ellis and Puma use Jesta’s Vision Suite cloud platform for supply chain logistics, demand planning, merchandising, inventory management, store operations and direct-to-consumer deliveries. Learn more at


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