NRF 2019: Do You Jesta?

Meet us at NRF 2019 booth #4655!

Every customer has a journey — and every company does too. That’s why we’re committed to discussing your specific needs in order to help you create immersive omnichannel experiences to uniquely color each and every one of your customer touchpoints. After all, inspiring customers is key to capturing shopper loyalty.

With over 50 years of combined wholesale and retail experience, we’ve helped companies such as Puma, Guess, Genesco, Harry Rosen, Cavender’s and more improve their customers’ path to purchase, and we can do the same for you. In fact, Cavender’s recently won Apparel magazine’s 2018 Top Innovator Award after implementing our warehouse and merchandising systems.

From January 13 to 15, we’ll once again be exhibiting at NRF 2019 Retail’s Big Show at booth #4655. To find out more about how Jesta’s integrated wholesale and retail solutions can help you connect with customers, and to find out why we’re a leader in customer service, join us at booth #4655.

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First time at NRF?

Guest Presenter: Justin Cramer
Co-Founder and Global Project Management Director at ProShip

Presenter: Arvind Gupta - COO
With new import and export tariffs being applied, it is crucial to have someone who understands trade (importing, exporting and regulations) collaborating closely with businesses' design team. Component sourcing needs to be considered from the early design stages, with real-time feedback with regards to components that could be brought in the fastest way possible, without compromising quality or margin goals.

Presenter: Elie Aintabi - Associate Director BI and DBA Services
In the late ‘90’s, a pressing need for businesses to get a holistic view of their customers and overall performance led to the launch of the first BI initiatives across the board. As BI platforms evolved, so did the fundamental understanding of the importance of leveraging enterprise and customer data as a competitive tool. Then came the explosive adoption of social media, growing needs for secure storage, and the rise of the cloud and Big Data, offering unlimited storage and processing capacity. However, it did not address the problem of understanding, mining and transforming vaults of data into meaningful business and customer insights. Today, BI can leverage Artificial intelligence (AI) to sift through terabytes of data residing on the cloud. Elie will go through the evolution of BI and how it can be used as an important competitive tool.

Presenter: Musa Al-Salem - Associated Director of Vision Store and Omnichannel
Successful retailers are investing in transformative “Fulfill From Store” schemes to integrate physical stores into efficient omnichannel retail operations. Arming your store locations to be robust and efficient will help you satisfy each customer’s individual need, by providing them with a larger product offering and satisfying their delivery preferences, increasing sales while decreasing your operational costs.

Presenter: Ana Bertolucci - Marketing & Communications Manager

Meet Our Experts

With over 50 years of retail and wholesale experience, Jesta’s industry experts will be at NRF 2019 to help you connect with all of your customers regardless of their favored touchpoint.

  • Chantal Roberge
    Business Process Architect

    With 25 years of experience in manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, Chantal Roberge is hardly new to the industry. She finds solutions to streamline production. Get your questions ready.

  • Musa Al-Salem
    Associate Director of Vision Store & Omnichannel

    Musa Al Salem has worked on store solutions with mid- to large-size retailers around the world. He cultivates omnichannel experiences to make your brand stand out.

  • Arvind Gupta

    Arvind Gupta is a leading expert in unified commerce, omnichannel and merchandising solutions. Meet with Jesta’s COO if a single, centralized, real-time platform is high on your business wish list.

  • Elie Aintabi
    Associate Director BI and DBA Services

    For all things business intelligence and analytics, Elie Aintabi is your man. He’s been with Jesta for over 10 years, and leverages data to improve margins and profits.

  • Peter Schaefer
    Director of Professional Services

    Peter Schaefer was instrumental in the development of Jesta’s POS and mobile solutions. IDC has recognized Jesta as a major player in the global POS market so you’ll want to speak with him.

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