Peter Schaefer possesses the capability to visualize the big picture of a product just as clearly as the smallest detail. Using this unique perspective, Peter has successfully spearheaded the development of Jesta I.S.’s point of sale, omnichannel fulfillment and mobile applications. A true Jesta veteran, Peter has held a number of positions over the course of his 12 years with the organization. He now serves as the Director of Professional Services, where he coordinates all client-related projects and implementations. Prior to joining Jesta I.S. in 2005, Peter taught software development and analysis at Herzing College in Montreal.

Peter strongly believes that successful projects are the result of cooperation and creativity from all parties. He therefore stresses teamwork as a priority and always ensures that his co-workers are motivated, enthusiastic, and committed to going the extra mile for clients.

Outside of the office, Peter harnesses his boundless energy and sharp focus into his favorite pastime as a competitive motorcyclist and a long-distance motorcycle touring enthusiast.

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