Retail Merchandising

Put your Merchandising Game Plan Into Play

You’ve pondered, predicted and planned, and now it’s finally time for Jesta’s retail merchandising solutions to kick your business game prep into play. Wholly integrated tools from Allocation to Replenishment, Price Management to Sales Audit will roll out the goods your buyers sourced, according to the market segments and quantities your planners defined, at the competitive prices your targeted customers will find hard to resist.

Jesta’s merchandising solutions execute all of your strategic plans automatically for consistency, reliability and maximum efficiency, while also affording you the power to review and adjust algorithms when trends change and demands shift. Real-time visibility of your global inventory, sales, store capabilities and customer preferences further enhance the accuracy and speed of your merchandising processes from the warehouse to your omnichannel platforms.

What’s more, Jesta’s retail merchandising solutions will strengthen customer loyalty. After all, shoppers will always find the items they want, in the styles, colors and sizes that speak directly to them, at the store locations that they prefer, almost as if things were sent there especially for them — which, in many ways, they absolutely were.

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What your Customers Want, When and Where They Want It:

Optimize PO management with real-time visibility of global vendor progress

Allocate goods dynamically in line with store variables and localized demand

Automate replenishment based on stock models that were fruitful in the past

Determine optimum pricing strategies for all channels throughout the season

Explore the consequences of adjustments before committing

Evaluate what’s been sold, where and at what price in real time across all platforms

Easily match invoices through integration between Merchandising and Accounting

Allocation/ Replenishment allows us to achieve cross docking in as little as 17 minutes using ASN’s to pre-allocate prior to receipt.

– Carlos Cherubin, Sr. VP & CIO, DSW Canada

Retail Merchandising Modules

  • Allocation

  • Replenishment

  • Price Management

  • Financials: Accounts Payable

  • Sales Audit

  • Buyer's Toolbox

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