Sales Audit

Eliminate Discrepancies in Your Sales Data

Jesta’s Sales Audit module ensures the accuracy of transaction data between your Point of Sale (POS) and Merchandising systems. The ultimate goal is to confirm that all transactions coming from the POS and Order Management (e-DOM) systems are accurate by comparing them with the total number of transactions and remaining inventory in Merchandising. Verification can be done at the store level to track overall sales or at the individual cashier level. If the values don’t match, you can report discrepancies directly in the system.

Regularly comparing sales with inventory levels helps retailers reduce loss by giving sales teams an efficient tool for reporting and handling inconsistencies as soon as they appear. Once the data has been audited within the Sales Audit module, it’s then transmitted to other Vision Merchandising modules such as Accounts Payable, Store Inventory Management and Financials. Moreover, the information is transferred to Vision Analytics for more extensive reporting.

In addition to monitoring transactions for loss prevention, other added-value features of Jesta’s Sales Audit module include the ability to track employee productivity, report on price exceptions, and manage gift certificates and credit notes.

Guaranteed Data Integrity

The integrity of the sales data that’s transferred to your merchandising system is guaranteed.

Efficient Reporting

Data consistency is ensured, and errors are detected and corrected according to your pre-defined rules.

Sales and Product Visibility

Statistical information about your sellers/buyers, employees/customers by site are centralized, eliminating the need for expensive tools.

Manage by Exception

Daily sales information is analyzed and filtered, and you can present transactions that are problematic and manage the exceptions.

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With the Automatic Sales Balancing feature, the site and computer journals don’t have to balance for the Sales Update to proceed. If there’s a discrepancy between the two, they will automatically be calculated to check if it balances, within the predefined discrepancy tolerances.

A wide range of reports can be generated: the sales edit list, store cash balancing, sales exception, period sales, suspense sales, cashier/employee productivity and price discrepancies. Reports can be generated for a specific sales date, week or period. The system can also track and audit the performance of issued gift cards.

Ensure data integrity, monitor and investigate potential losses by auditing POS transactions and cashier productivity.

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