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Customers have more power than ever. They can search, compare, read reviews and share feedback on brands, products, in-store interactions, customer service and more. As a result, the focus of many retail business’s today has shifted from selling products and services to creating unique and memorable customer experiences. Accurate, real-time customer and shopping data can help with that.

Jesta’s Customer Insights (CRM) module is tightly integrated with our Point-of-Sale system and gives retailers a 360° view of customer profiles, buying habits, needs and expectations. In addition to contact and demographic details, our CRM technology captures purchase history across all of your omnichannel platforms so authorized employees at either the store or head-office level always know what was bought, but more importantly, what is likely to be bought in the future. This data helps you anticipate shopper demand as well as personalize marketing campaigns and promotions.

The CRM also tracks return history, orders that are on hold and even features a comment section for specific notes about each shopper. For example, details on when he/she is returning from holiday so their order can finally ship or a recent complaint they may have made, which will help you get a handle on customer retention and loyalty.

Data Integrity

Accurate customer data is easily compiled, managed, updated and analyzed.

Personal Connections

Personalized messages to specific customer segments make connections more meaningful.

Cost Saving

Profitable customers are easily identified so you can connect with them and re-think how to motivate others.

Targeted Campaigns

Keeping track of customer information, purchase history and comments can improve your conversion rate.

Sales Maximized

The right product is promoted to the right shopper at the right time and complementary styles can be offered.

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Find Meaningful Customer Information

Integrated customer tools enable you to manage and clean your customer’s data easily and quickly. Keep your customer’s information up-to-date at a store level or through the head office platform.

Designed for medium-sized and large businesses, and tailored to provide you a complete view of your corporate accounts and effective data to connect with them on a daily basis.

Export or view any screen using Excel spreadsheets via a static or Dynamic Excel Pivot Table. You can then deep-dive analysis.

Keep track of your customers and prospect transactions, comments, feedbacks, needs or complaints.

A wide range of filters to build specifics group and reach out to them in the most effective way possible!

Build, manage and update your loyalty programs for your customers in real time with less effort.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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