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Top BI Trends in Retail & Wholesale



Data! It’s a term that has become wildly popular in today’s retail allocation and wholesale domains. But for every one person who is fascinated by their company’s growing data, there are two who remain just as frightening by the vast sea of information. Analyzing trends and using this data is fundamental to decision making and consequentially joining the winners’ circle. But the mass amounts of information held in memory are only as good as your Business Intelligence tool allows. A tool that speaks your language and provides relevancy for each user is imperative.

As BI systems continue to evolve we are observing some trends that have climbed to the top of CIOs’ discussion lists.


Self-service, user-defined, query-based BI…or whatever you decide to call it (buzzwords tire us out as well), is undeniably top of everyone’s mind. In any given team no two people are exactly alike and information may speak differently to each employee. Today’s technology enables users to define customized layouts and visualizations to create data representations that truly resonate with them. After all, the information is only as good as the story being told. Unclear figures and depictions have no real worth as they don’t allow employees to better understand their particular areas of the business.

User-defined BI allows each employee to leverage the full power of their organization’s BI system. No, you don’t need to be a computer programmer either. Your BI tool should be incredibly easy to use, so users can create dashboards to their taste.


Mobile BI is another hot topic for 2014 as developments in this domain continues to mature. Users who are away from their desktop computers can now maintain access to their data wherever their mobile device allows. Being tied to a desk is no longer a reality in today’s work-life environment. Mobile BI allows a user to progress throughout their busy days unencumbered by their distance from the office.

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