The Most Agile Way to Match Supply & Demand

Vision Sourcing & Demand keeps brand manufacturers and wholesalers ahead of customer demand with a unified platform. Its features accurately track your purchase orders, expected material delivery dates, and production schedule, and compare this information with current customer orders and forecasted demand. This way, you can correctly plan and automate the optimal timing of purchases and delivery to customers, keeping your customers satisfied while reducing your own inventory costs.

Match Future Supply with Future Demand

Effectively plan ahead in order to purchase earlier, in bulk, and at lower costs:

  • Ensure high inventory turnover
  • Source the best quality materials and delivery high quality products in the least amount of time
  • Access new customer markets without increasing sourcing and procurement costs
  • Remain agile by matching changing supply and demand while maintaining high margins


Along with Business Intelligence and Reporting capabilities, Jesta’s wholesale distribution software gives you complete visibility of your supply and demand, so you can stay effective and competitive.


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Sales Order & Allocation

Control all phases of bulk distribution and single-store orders, while supporting bracket pricing. Optimize your inventory and order management using adaptable rule-based fulfillment and priority allocation functions.

Reduce Cycle Time

Shorten timeline from design to shipping by aligning the shipping date of an order with purchase and sourcing orders, and accurately predicting future supply and demand.

Match Supply and Demand

Manage all your direct sourcing and finished goods procurement information, as well as customer orders in a single platform to match your supply and demand levels.

Sourcing & Procurement

Supervise multiple procurement production paths and capture accurate shipment data at detailed sublevels such as style, color, attribute and size for more precise production forecasts. Deliver complete visibility to support your goods and raw material procurement requirements.


Get instant access to key information for absolute control over raw material sourcing, full package purchasing, finished goods inventory management and allocation of available merchandise.

Demand Forecasting

Anticipate demand and improve delivery of merchandise through the supply chain. In a cycle consisting of countless touch points, you can oversee every detail at every step of the way, from raw materials to finished goods.


Guess? is an organization that adapts and makes necessary business changes required to remain competitive. With its latest version of Vision Sourcing & Demand, Jesta I.S. has proven itself to be a technology partner that adapts to the changing marketplace, enabling Guess? to move forward with new processes and the visibility we need to remain a leading brand in this hyper competitive marketplace.

Michael RelichCIOGuess?
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