Warehouse worker with Ipad - warehouse management system by Jesta I.S.

Manage and Optimize the Flow of Goods

Vision DC lets you oversee distribution operations by providing real-time inventory accuracy in order to accelerate fulfillment, lower warehousing costs and achieve labor productivity to better serve your customers. Jesta’s warehouse management system arms your organization with complete insight into your inventory for maximum efficiency in the movement of goods..

Empower your warehouse employees with mobile devices so they can pick, pack and ship as quickly as possible, thus maximizing the value of the warehouse and boosting productivity.

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Omnichannel Fulfillment

Handle more inventory with greater efficiency. Move merchandise from warehouses to stores and fulfill customer orders as fast as possible, at the lowest cost.


Profit from a warehouse management system that allows you to direct and master the flow of goods within your distribution center in real-time.


A responsive location system enables you to quickly adapt to change and scale, allowing you to meet your current and future distribution requirements.


Totally integrated with Vision Sourcing & Demand, Vision Merchandising and Vision e-DOM — Jesta’s distributed order fulfillment system — Vision DC automates, aggregates and centralizes all merchandise information for complete supply chain visibility.


Optimize productivity and reduce pick times with order wave planning and system directed picking to ensure that the right merchandise is sent to the right place as quickly as possible. Receipt validation ensures accurate quantities at your dock.


Access to the entire flow of information is now in the palm of your hand! Increase the overall effectiveness of your supply chain and empower employees to pick, pack and ship using mobile devices.

Jesta I.S. clients - Perry Ellis International

After extensive research and due diligence, we found Jesta I.S.’ retail solution to be the strongest in sales analysis. We especially liked what Jesta I.S. offered with their algorithms. After all, it’s about getting the right merchandise to the right stores, not only based on historical data, but on-hand merchandise as well.

Peter ElitzerPresident
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