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Classic Toys Win


As we approach Black Friday and the craze of the holiday shopping season, retailers are in high hopes of a strong end to their yearly sales. With the recent release of new tablets, wearable technology, smarter phones and the latest video game consoles, you would think that the most popular gifts this holiday season would be leaning towards a digital overload.

However the National Retail Federation (NRF) announced some shocking results. Don’t get me wrong, tablets are still popular but classics are still reigning supreme. Barbie and Lego and DIY kits are among the top ranked toys this season, with certain big box retailers creating their own exclusive designs of the popular toys, in hopes of creating demand for limited editions like a special auburn haired doll that’s on shelves now. Nielson also validated this with classic toys sitting in a solid first place, followed by various tech gifts trailing behind.

There are no blockbuster must haves this year, with demand causing mayhem like the time Arnold Schwarzenegger was fighting for the last Turbo-Man in Jingle All the Way.  In the past items such as Tickle Me Elmo, Furby and LeapPads were must-haves, barely making it to the shelves. The high demand even caused some people to scalp these items at a much higher cost.

Good luck with holiday shopping and don`t forget about the good old classics. They continue to top the charts of each kids holiday wish list.


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