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Endless Aisles For Town Shoes

Town Shoes Store powered by Jesta I.S. POS software

Retail is all about the customer, but you can’t serve the customer without having the right product in the right place at the right time.

Town Shoes, Canadian owner and operator of The Shoe Company, Sterling Shoes, Shoe Warehouse, and Freedman Shoes is bridging the gap between online and offline inventory by creating their “endless aisles” and making all products available to every customer everywhere. Join us as we discuss this project with Peter Gerhardt, CFO of Town Shoes. We will be discussing:

– Bridging the gap between in-store inventory and online stores
– Managing product assortment and inventory availability
– Localizing assortments to maximize sales (ensuring right size and style availability)
– How to achieve more turns and sales using less inventory
– How to work with customers who now expect to interact with your business across multiple channels and expect it to be seamless all the way to fulfillment
– Multi-channel order fulfillment

Additionally, Earle Wiseman and Gad Tisch from Jesta I.S. will be joining us to discuss how the latest fulfillment technologies are enabling omni-channel to become a reality today. Inventory management is the key, and retailers have access to solutions that allow real-time access to this inventory at every touchpoint.



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