Replenish Wisely

In an ideal world, no one would ever run out of the basics: bread, eggs and milk, for example. In a perfect retail world, the same would be true, but belts, socks and undergarments might be the staples of choice. Jesta’s Replenishment module can make the latter a reality.

Jesta’s Replenishment tool works hard to maintain the optimum stock levels of your warehouse’s and stores’ essential items — you know, the ones that customers really rely on you for. The centralized and wholly integrated solution automatically creates POs and store distributions according to flexible user-defined stock model specifications and replenishment runs. Everything is tightly aligned with sales so plans are completely demand-driven and forward-looking.

What’s more, 360° real-time visibility of individual store performance and inventory throughout your supply chain ensures your business strategies are always timely and fully informed. Detailed reports enable you to review your global replenishments and quickly make crucial cost-saving adjustments when necessary.

With Jesta’s Replenishment module your best laid plans will never go astray.

Real-Time Visibility

Real-time global distribution and sales visibility enables you to optimize your fills.

Demand-Driven Automation

POs and store distributions are always dynamically created in line with current demand.

Revenue Growth

Revenue grows with the ability to respond to daily sales patterns without delay.

Healthy Margins

Markdowns to clear redundant inventory are reduced so margins go up and up.

Reviews for Success

Detailed reports reveal everything you’ve done right — and what you haven’t.

Models of Efficiency

Associating various replenishments to one stock model parent saves precious time.

Guesswork be Gone

Stock models for new stores can be based on existing stores to save loads of time.

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Give Them What You’ve Got

POs and distributions can be shipped to the replenishing warehouse or directly to stores.

Vendor restrictions, lead times, transportation costs, supply chain complexity, maximum shelf capacity and more are considered by the replenishment system.

Deficiency Allocation Entry lets users define how limited quantities at the warehouse will be allocated by store.

The Suggested Stock Replenishment Report shows suggested quantities by site and where the quantities are being sourced from (the warehouse or vendors).

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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