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A store rack that’s often full of extra-small T-shirts, but consistently devoid of, say, mediums is a sure sign that someone’s retail planning is out of whack. When done successfully, retail planning makes sure that in-demand items in an optimal assortment of colors and sizes are always available in the stores that are likely to sell them fast.

Jesta’s retail planning solutions ensures that T-shirts of all sizes get customer love by providing buyers, inventory managers and merchandisers with a centralized, 360° real-time view of stock, sales performance, store capabilities and selling patterns, and shopper histories. Decision-makers can then build precise market segments, product ranges and price lines to tightly align your offerings — T-shirts and otherwise — with the locations, channels and customers that demand them. Sales increase, markdowns decrease, stock-to-sales ratios equalize.

In addition to exhaustive inventory planning, Jesta’s retail planning solutions provide end-to-end financial support. The integrated platform enables you to connect your OTB with your margin targets accounting for price, promotions and markdowns throughout the season, and allowing you to change course and explore other growth possibilities when desires shift.

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Plan Disciplined Buys, Optimal Allocations and Profitable Pricing

Build powerful store clusters based on sales and store attributes

Allocate goods dynamically in line with localized demand

Determine the most profitable breadth and depth of assortments and prepacks

Define store sections and systematically organize merchandise

Identify exactly what individual stores have on-hand and where

Establish when and how much to markdown using what-if pricing scenarios

We are pleased to have successfully gone live with Vision Sourcing in less than a year’s time, allowing us to move forward with other efforts. Jesta’s team was able to implement and complete the project on-time and on-budget; we are confident that we will continue to see greater returns from this successful implementation.

– Robert Papirner, CIO, Carter’s

Vision Suite Modules for Retail Planning

  • Clustering

  • Place & Locate

  • Assortment

  • Markdown Optimization

  • Merchandise Planning

  • Size Pack Optimization

  • Category Management

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