Your Segment is Up

No two stores are exactly alike. Geographical location, climate, physical size, shopper demographics and more determines what sells at a store and what doesn’t. (Does your store in Honolulu really need winter woolies?)

Sometimes, however, you don’t have time to analyze allocations for short lifecycle items one store at a time. Jesta’s Allocation module can help by building powerful store groupings (aka clusters) based on historical sales and/or other user-defined, common store attributes. A numeric grade is given to stores for sales performance; an alpha grade for characteristsics shared by other retail locations. Grading can be done dynamically or in advance by the user.

By strategically segmenting stores based on location, climate, size, average shopper height or, really, whatever you want, you can push the most sellable type and amount of merchandise to the right stores with precisely the targeted customers you want. Jesta’s solution helps reduce overstocks and markdowns, and stimulate revenue. Also, shopper satisfaction will go up.

The store clustering feature of Jesta’s Allocation module is driven by real-time store analytics and automation. Read: all the precision work is done for you.

Get ready to divide and conquer.

A Competitive Edge

Allocations that satisfy demand will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Completely Adaptable

Clusters can be created and used by retailers of all sizes and verticals.

Customizable and Combinable

Cluster rules are determined and set by you, and combinable if you wish.

Merchandising Precision

Allocation guesswork is eliminated and replaced with a strategic methodology.

Integrated Micromarketing

The integrated solution makes it easy to focus on small, targeted groups.

Site-Centric Assortments

Catering to store specifics, which includes customer demographics, boosts satisfaction and loyalty.

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The Grades for Success

Individual stores may have different grades for different types of products.

Numeric grades are given to stores for average sales revenue; alpha grades for other shared store attributes.

Some of the most effective store cluster criteria are average sales volume and store size.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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