Supply Chain

Bring your Global Partners Together

Remember the good old days when you’d meet your suppliers face-to-face? Today, your vendors are in Barcelona, Beijing, maybe even Brisbane, and you probably can’t put a face to any names. Jesta’s supply chain solutions can’t get you face time with your global vendors, but we can optimize your communications with them as well as with your agents, transport partners and logistics associates worldwide.

Our supply chain solutions provide 360° visibility of the procurement process from day one. Global partners from the Eastern to the Western Worlds, regardless of time zones, have access to the same real-time order details, shipping and tracking information, and location statuses (whether orders are on land, water, air, at the border or warehouse) through one centralized platform. Every partner has the ability to add updates too.

Complete transparency and a holistic methodology streamlines coordination and strengthens collaboration throughout the entire supply chain by keeping all external parties informed and up-to-date 24/7. What’s more, Jesta’s Vision Suite systems are automated and integrated so new orders in our Order Management omnichannel solution, for instance, are dynamically synced with our Vendor Portal supply chain solution instantaneously. No manual input, no mistakes.

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Move Merchandise from Suppliers to Shoppers — Simply:

Achieve greater visibility and control of your entire partner network

Automate cross-channel order generation across an integrated platform

Access real-time order statuses via a centralized database

Empower vendors to proactively fulfill and (drop)ship orders

Eliminate warehouse inefficiencies and boost productivity with robust portable applications

Generate all shipping and transport documents anytime

Our Jesta I.S. platform supports current and future acquisitions and enables us to achieve faster time to market, better visibility and reduced cost of ownership throughout our operations. Jesta I.S. is a great ally in our efforts to better serve our customers.

– George Feldenkreis, CEO, Perry Ellis International

Supply Chain Modules

  • Warehouse Management

  • Vendor Portal

  • Trade Management

  • EDI

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