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Town Shoes Limited Goes Live with Jesta I.S. Software

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Integration successfully completed for Vision Store, Vision Mobile and Vision e-DOM

Jesta I.S. Inc., an international supplier of enterprise software solutions for the apparel and footwear industry, announced today that Town Shoes Limited has gone live with the following components in the Jesta I.S. Software Suite: Vision Store, Vision Mobile, and Vision e-DOM (Electronic Distributed Order Management).

This announcement marks a major milestone in the company’s cross-banner implementation plan with Jesta I.S. Today, all Town Shoes Limited banners including Town Shoes, Shoe Warehouse, Sterling, The Shoe Company and DSW Canada are running on the Jesta I.S. Vision Store platform.

Vision Store, the Jesta I.S. point of sale and-in store customer engagement solution, is designed to enrich the operations of modern retailers. It focuses on associate productivity and enhances the customer experience. The Vision platform, which Town Shoes Limited has implemented in both traditional and mobile formats, incorporates sophisticated transaction functionalities with powerful product lookup (Vision Kiosk), mobile checkout, gift card management, clienteling and real-time visibility into the cross-channel loyalty platform. In compliance with Vision Store’s fast-adoption and ease-of-use guarantee, Town Shoes Limited associates have now streamlined their in-store operations with a clearer vision into their inventory availability as well as their unique customer profiles.

In addition to the Vision Store applications, Town Shoes is now effectively leveraging the omnichannel order fulfillment algorithms of Vision e-DOM. With a centralized order management module, Town Shoes Limited has turned their 180+ brick-and-mortar stores into nationwide fulfillment centers for their fast growing e-commerce channel. The distributed order management system empowers Town Shoes Limited to tap into its un-segregated nationwide pool of inventory to improve inventory productivity and increase order fill rates, all with the final goal of refining their customer service.

“With the recent expansion of DSW into Canada and the organic growth of our other banner stores, it was critical for us to standardize our foundational and store systems across all banners. Doing so allows us to scale up and execute our omnichannel strategies. Over the years, Jesta I.S. has been a great partner for us. Not only have they enabled us to successfully launch DSW into Canada, they have implemented Vision Store and Vision e-DOM across all our banners. We are on our way towards realizing our vision of offering the ‘endless aisle’ experience to our customers,” stated Bruce Dinan, CEO Town Shoes Limited.

“Buy anywhere, pick up anywhere is the structure demanded by today’s savvy shoppers. The software footprint we have implemented at Town Shoes Limited supports this new industry landscape in a sophisticated way,” said Moris Chemtov, President, Jesta I.S. “We are very excited to have a client like Town Shoes Limited whose final customer experience at the store is facilitated on our mobile platform.”

“For the past 15 years, Jesta I.S. has been a proud technology partner for Town Shoes Limited,” said Arvind Gupta, Chief Operating Officer of Jesta I.S. “We understand the complexities of the footwear business can only be managed by a partner who can provide one unified platform for the management and administration of all current and future banners, while facilitating more efficient omnichannel strategies. Ultimately, we are delighted to continue fostering this partnership.”

The Jesta I.S. solution is now running across 186 Town Shoes Limited locations in Canada.

About Town Shoes Limited

With over 60 years of experience and close to 200 locations across Canada, Town Shoes Limited is the largest branded footwear retailer in Canada. Town Shoes Limited is comprised of 5 brands; Town Shoes, The Shoe Company, Shoe Warehouse, Sterling and DSW Canadian locations, each of which is dedicated to fashion, quality and value.



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