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Creating Experiences: Mobile POS

Mobile helps retail stores win

Creating a meaningful and memorable customer experience is vital to the success of any retail operation. There’s no doubt that today’s shoppers are focused on their particular individuality and expect to be treated with personally tailored services. How can retailers ensure such high levels of individual satisfaction, when their assortments are planned on a mass scale? It boils down to one simple in-store practice: customer clienteling. Shoppers are savvy and almost always rely on their mobile devices inside the store to crosscheck product reviews, prices, and competition. To ensure that a shopper’s mobile device isn’t working against the retailer, store associates must take active control of the shopper’s experience with the assistance of a strong mobile POS infrastructure.

Mobile POS systems are revolutionary for retailers looking to combat showrooming. They allow for a higher level of customer service, the ability to checkout during a customer-staff interaction, as well the ability to save a sale in the case where a product with specific attributes may be available at another store.

The most valuable aspect of clienteling is that it allows for a much more interactive experience between store employees and shoppers. With Jesta I.S.’s Vision Mobile Solution, intuitive  product search empowers store associates to leverage inventory visibility in a similar way to our favorite online search engines.  Mobile POS provides insight into a customer’s purchase history, so their shopping patterns can be visible to the employee serving them. Perhaps their favorite shirt is now available in a new color or pattern. The store associate can use this data to help provoke the upselling of additional products.

Not only does a Mobile POS look less intimidating and more modern, it empowers retailers with tools to combat showrooming and enhance the in-store clienteling experience.

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