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The Top 5 Challenges in Sourcing & Demand

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Our team at Jesta has extensive experience communicating and working closely with wholesale professionals. We are proud that our involvement in the industry dates back to the 1980s. I suppose you could say that we grew up alongside the industry and evolved with it. In the last 30 years, we have witnessed a common thread of challenges that burden the sustainability and growth of companies in the wholesale playing field. Let’s face it, system limitations and lack of functionality are usually a major cause of these challenges. So, we’ve listened and addressed these frustrations with tools that support many successful business.

Here are the Top 5 Challenges and the methods for solving them;

1)      Processes slowing you down?

We often hear stories of sourcing professionals who are constantly minimizing the windows on their ERP system to manually perform complex calculations. This causes long lead times that delay products reaching the end-consumer. By integrating processes such as; material resource planning, time frame availability and actionable reports & dashboards back into the ERP system, supply chain efficiency is greatly improved.

2)      Hands tied?

Many companies are finding their legacy or even homegrown applications are causing business constraints. As times change business requirements do as well, which results in legacy systems that do not have the proper flexibility, integration functionality, and scalability for today and the future. In the past, the standard was to only produce single dimension products, now multi-dimensional products are standard including variables such as waist size and inseam or neck/sleeve length. Integration among applications is another common issue that keeps our hands tied and consequentially causes the need to enter the same data into many different places.  Scalability is another challenge that creates pain points for many businesses.

3)      Trouble presenting the facts?

Learning from past successes and failures is key to progressing your business. It is important to be able to analyze your trade and make sense of data through an actionable BI system.

4)      Inefficient employees?

Sourcing teams are often bogged down with handling new product collections each month. In order to boost employee productivity, it is imperative to use a Sourcing & Demand system that is easy to use. This drives improved overall customer experience and reduces errors that can become costly when you become dependent on manual processes.

5)      Costs too High, Profits too Low?

Reducing costs and improving your bottom line is challenged to all businesses. Manufacturers and wholesalers are no different. Managing both material and labor costs are imperative to success. Achieving maximum gross profits is equally important. With the proper tools available in Vision Sourcing & Demand, you can make better decisions in areas such as pricing structures, discounts and inventory

Want to really tackle these frustrations? We invite you to watch our expert led Top 5 Sourcing & Demand Challenges Webinar to gain valuable insights.



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