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What You Missed at Jesta’s First Virtual Connect Conference

Virtual Connect Blog

by Esther Bendayan  |  September 16, 2020

Our first-ever Virtual Connect was a success!

In an effort to facilitate more community conversations, Jesta I.S. hosted a virtual event for our clients and partners on August 25, 2020. We recognize the importance of keeping the dialogue open during these challenging times, and value the relationships that we’ve built. Keep reading for an exclusive summary of the topics that were discussed during this two-hour conference.

Product Strategy and Vision presented by Arvind Gupta

“Digitization is picking up speed,” Jesta I.S.’ President, Arvind Gupta, socialized the key technology trends for 2020. First, hyper automation drives businesses. Amazon’s distribution logistic processes are the perfect example of how hyper automation can take your business to the next level. Second, the pandemic has affected retail in different ways. Seamless online shopping strategies must be implemented in order to thrive during these times. As mentioned by Arvind, “online shopping went from nice to have, to must have.” Finally, contactless payment must be implemented in stores to ensure the safety and comfort of customers.

Arvind also shared Jesta’s product vision strategy for our four Vision Suite software pillars: Jesta’s foundational ERP, Store Commerce, which consists of POS and customer experience management, Unified Commerce, and AI-driven Analytics. All Vision Suite solutions are cloud-accessible and subscription-based, and were the overarching theme throughout the presentation.

Product Marketing Update presented by Camille Chin

COVID-19 has accelerated many shopping trends and caused a surge in online shopping. According to Adobe Digital Economy Index, in July 2020 online sales increased by 55% year-over-year. This shift has caused many wholesalers and retailers to invest in critical omnichannel technologies, in order to keep up with evolving shopping patterns.

Jesta’s product and strategy teams have been hard at work developing innovative Vision Suite solutions so wholesalers, retailers and direct-to-consumer enterprises are empowered to tackle unpredictable times.

Vision CRM and Analytics presented by Seema Garg

Seema Garg discussed the power of actionable analytics: “Analytics interlaced with real-time information creates a solution about a customer’s journey to provide businesses with a 360-degree view of all their customers, regardless of how they interact with the brand.” Businesses can view reports of a shopper’s behavioral segments, including on which days of the week they prefer to shop, their average spend, their birthdays, and many other segments. This info helps businesses elevate shopper journeys and create loyal, repeat customers.

Vision Trade Management Portal presented by Leon Aintabi

Trade Management Portal is a global procurement platform. TMP acts as an information hub that connects head office, vendors, warehouse and supply chain partners. The platform streamlines and optimizes the processing and tracking of orders and shipments. Trade management Portal arms vendors with clear, accurate and up-to-date information so orders can be closed quickly.

Vision Back Office Management Portal presented by Leon Aintabi

The Back Office Management Portal can be used to empower your team with all the necessary information they need. Users can configure, create, manage and track and assortment of strategic and administrative workflows for implementation across all commerce channels. According to Leon, “this offers a unified commerce experience that enables effortless collaboration among head office, e-commerce, marketing, and in-store teams.” As a result, productivity increases and the company can provide consistent omnichannel offerings to customers.

Vision Unified Omni presented by Sina Alrais

The world of commerce has outgrown traditional brick-and-mortar retail channels. In a post COVID-19 world, the ability to provide shoppers with a seamless omnichannel experience is essential for success. This can make or break your business. Jesta’s rebranded Vision Unified Omni removes any remaining barriers between physical and digital commerce, and enables clients to more quickly fulfill modern shopper demands for convenience and immediacy.

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