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Omnichannel Retailers: Jesta I.S. Announces Advanced Unified Commerce Technology to Charm Digitally Connected Consumers

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Montreal, QC, Canada (November 28, 2023) – Jesta I.S., a pioneer in the development of an end-to-end Retail Management Suite anchored by a Master Data foundation, is excited to announce advanced features to its unified commerce Omni Store Platform. The new features enable retail brands, particularly those in the apparel and footwear, and specialty industries, to break down lingering silos between their physical and digital sales channels, as well as front and backend capabilities, to integrate their omnichannel data, internal departments and operational processes with powerful unified technology.  

By leveraging Jesta’s unified Omni Store to harmonize omnichannel data and processes in real time, retail brands are empowered to deliver seamless, omnichannel experiences consistently, establishing themselves as innovators in a hyper-crowded space and becoming a go-to destination for the shopping experiences that digital consumers have come to expect.  

“Jesta’s Omni Store platform unites multi-channel inventory, payments, returns, gift card management, order fulfillment, custom orders and value-added services to optimize retail operations and elevate retail experiences for store associates, head office employees, CSRs and, of course, consumers,” said Arvind Gupta, President, Jesta I.S.  

“The unified technology creates frictionless and immersive shopping experiences for today’s digital consumers who want to browse and purchase online, and then pickup in store, or purchase an omnichannel gift card in store, but have it sent directly to a loved one complete with a thoughtful message and nice packaging.” 

He continued: “Jesta’s Omni Store and foundational Merchandising ERP combine to form Jesta’s end-to-end Retail Management Suite, in which the master data foundation serves as a retailer’s unwavering single source of truth for all their enterprise operations.” 

Jesta’s advanced features for next-level unified commerce include: 

Unified Payments & Returns, which allows automatic refunds to the original payment method once a return item is received regardless of the return scenario (purchase was made with a credit card and also gift card) and sales channel (returned in store or mailed from home). A common payment processor and a shared token across online and in-store simplifies omnichannel returns to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and strengthen customer trust. 

Unified Gift Cards, which enable the purchase and fulfillment of both physical and digital gift cards from the same system whether the customer is in store or online, reducing process complexity and simplifying the tracking of redemption for more strategic engagement initiatives and inventory management. Unified Fraud Detection allows head office users to set unique gift card prefixes to monitor the circulation and usage of gift cards. This visibility enables users to identify compromised cards more easily for enhanced security and reduced fraud. 

Unified Gift Messaging & Packaging, which facilitates the processing of gift messaging and packaging requests for omnichannel orders captured in stores. Unified Gift Messaging & Packaging eliminates the need for phone calls from store associates to head office and/or fulfillment sites, as well as the manual writing of gift messages or wrap requests. The feature saves retail brands time, reduces the risk of errors and accelerates these exciting deliveries. 

Unified Endless Aisle, which expands product assortments across all channels. The limitless inventory is available for purchase by consumers and visible to suppliers, channel partners and brand partners. Unified Endless Aisle consists of an enhanced vendor portal where global vendors and brand partners can upload their merchandise, and leverage unified inventory and order management to make it available across all channels in real time. 

Unified Custom Orders, which empowers Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) with complete visibility of omnichannel orders, and the power to take custom orders, potentially transforming CSRs into additional sellers during 1:1 calls with shoppers. Similarly, Unified Fulfillment extends omnichannel order visibility to a retail business’s head office so users can intervene and jump in to fulfill orders when there is a blocker with a party typically involved in the fulfillment process. This is especially helpful when there is an issue with a dropship order.  

Unified Product Visibility into Exclusions, which allows retail head offices to easily exclude specific products from sales and loyalty programs across all stores. This feature can also be leveraged to direct store associates’ sales efforts towards items that are readily available or have higher profit margins for improved sales conversions and larger purchases.  

Finally, while Jesta’s transformative unified technology brings data, processes and teams together, Localized Dashboard capabilities give brands the freedom to customize their individual Point-of-Sale (POS) dashboards with the operations and objectives that are leveraged by their in-store associates the most. The ability to tailor POS dashboards with a unified view of customers and omnichannel orders that are to be fulfilled by stores, enhance customer service and satisfaction, and help optimize fulfillment times.  

unified commerce Jesta I.S. will be exhibiting at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show, January 14-16 in NYC, Booth #4665. To meet the team and learn more about Jesta’s end-to-end Retail Management Suite, request a meeting here. 

To view the Unified Retail Commerce infographic, click here. To read the full press releaseclick here. 



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